Oral Impact

Oral Impact - Nutritionally complete enteral supplement used peri-operatively

Oral Impact is a nutritionally complete enteral
supplement used peri-operatively for both malnourished and well-nourished patients. It has been clinically proven to reduce post-operative infections and length of hospital stay. Oral Impact has also been shown to accelerate wound healing.

Product Features

  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • 100% high quality whey protein
  • Contain Arginine (12.5g/L)
  • Contain Omega-3 fatty acids (3.3g/L)
  • ontain Nucleotides (1.5g/L)
  • Variety of flavours (Citrus, Coffee and Tropical fruit)
  • Osmolality: 620 mOsmol/kg H2O

Oral Impact is suitable peri-operatively for patients:

  • Undergoing major neck surgery for cancer
  • Undergoing major abdominal cancer surgery
  • After severe trauma


Sugar, Whey (Milk) Protein, Maltodextrin, L-Arginine, Fish Oil, Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum, MCT Oil, Corn Oil, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Yeast Extract, Flavours, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Stabiliser (E415), Antioxidants (E301, E304, E306, E307), Colours (Beetroot Red, Beta-Carotene), Vitamins and Minerals (see nutritional panel).

Nutrition Panel


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