People with dysphagia or difficulty swallowing should avoid consuming water and other liquids in their natural state in order to avoid the risk of choking and other more severe complications. Therefore, the adaptation or modification of the viscosity or texture of liquids is a necessary in the management of dysphagia.

Be reminded that persons affected by dysphagia often present with a loss of appetite, so 75-80% of daily fluid requirement should be administered outside of mealtimes.

  • At home: You can use glasses of different colors and sizes in order to make drinking more pleasant and motivate intake and hydration. Remember to always thicken all beverages or use ready-to-use thickened beverages. 
    • A recommendation: cold drinks stimulates the swallowing reflex and facilitates swallowing.
  • Outside of home: Drinks with modified texture ready for consumption is a simple and easy way to stay hydrated.

In addition, the consumption beverages administered in small quantities, such as with the help of a dessert spoon, favors bolus formation more easily and reduces the risk of complications.

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