Nutrition For Your Prime Years – 50s Are The New 30s

Nutrition intake becomes vital the older you are. After the age of 45, your body starts to show signs of aging – loss of muscle mass, aching joints after physical activities, thinner skin and digestive problems. 

Older adults tend to consume less calories due to multiple reasons, such as poorer appetite, slower digestive system or weaker teeth. It becomes difficult for them to obtain all the necessary nutrients (proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals) in the right amount. But this does not have to be your reality. The years after you hit 40 should be yours to live and enjoy! The secret to maintaining your youth and health lies in something as basic as your nutrition. Medical science has come far with supplements and getting the right nutrition for your age is no longer difficult nor expensive.

Why Is It Good To Consider Nutritional Supplements In Your Diet?

It is important that despite the fewer caloric intake, your food remains nutritionally-dense or packed with the right levels of essential nutrients – proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals to counter the problems that come with age.

However, with physiological changes happening in the body due to aging, it can be hard to hit your nutritional quota through table meals alone. Hence, using supplements that are packed with necessary nutrients can be extremely beneficial, like the BOOST™ Optimum!

BOOST™ Optimum is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated with your body’s changing nutrition needs in mind. It provides 3 main nutrients in each serving.

  • 10.2g of Proteins for muscles

Proteins are especially important for adults over the age of 45. They not only help with muscle growth and maintaining physical strength, but they also help with the production of antibodies to fight illness. BOOST™ Optimum is also made using high-quality Whey protein that is easily absorbed by the body.

  • 550 Million Units of Probiotics L paracasei and 3.1g of prebiotic fibre for digestive system

Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria to improve the digestive system and help fight against harmful bacteria that can cause infections while prebiotic fibres are food for these beneficial bacteria to feed on and remain active.

  • 27 vitamins and minerals for an overall healthy bodily function

Various vitamins and minerals in the supplement to help with bone health, energy metabolism and to provide antioxidants for the immune system.

Proven positive impacts with the extra nutrition from Nestlé Boost Optimum 

100 Singaporean Testers tried out the BOOST™ Optimum supplement for themselves and 85 testers agreed that BOOST® OPTIMUM helped to regain their strength.

less lethargic

They felt less lethargic and more active to go about their daily routine. Member @ns00123 used the supplement for 14 days straight and concluded that in a week she “realized she did not feel tired and lethargic in the morning as usual”. Another member @Helene also noticed that after a week of consuming, she had “more energy” for her “daily household chores”. She used to feel “tired by noon” but now finds herself to be “active till night time”. She recommends Boost Optimum to “anyone who needs more energy to carry out their daily activities”.

better gut health

Weak bowel movements and infections are common issues when you are over 40, and can hamper your quality of life because you would not feel like moving around much. Member @Emily who suffers from “Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBD)” says that after 2 weeks of consumption, she felt her “stomach is much better”. She added, “I always go to the toilet & also kept feeling the urge to go. So sometimes I dare not leave the house! Now I feel so much better & normal.”

Boost Optimum lactose free

Lastly, BOOST™ Optimum is lactose-free which makes it perfect for people with lactose intolerance. Member @Lilysue who also suffers from IBS says “It was delicious..tasted creamy and smelled of vanilla and I suffered from IBS but it never caused me any discomfort.I will definitely continue buying this instead of fresh milk for my coffee too.”

Easy and simple implementation of the supplement for more nutrition

BOOST™ Optimum is also easy to incorporate into your diet! Here are some simple examples of how you can use this supplement in your everyday meals:

Mix with oats for a proteins-rich meal

Tea Breaks:
Add in Nescafe Gold instant coffee granules in your glass of BOOST™ Optimum supplement for delicious latte.

Blend powder with fruits and ice for a delicious bowl of smoothie.

nescafe x boost

Growing into your prime years is not a sad situation like how it used to be. People over 50 now seek control of their life and health to stay active and independent by watching their diet. Use a nutritional supplement as a fuel to keep your body active by exercising to keep yourself mobile and fit. You can even try simple at home workouts with light weights to encourage muscle growth and minimize internal wear and tear on top of boosting your nutrition. With the right combination of nutrition and exercises, getting old will no longer be a source of worry or fear and each year of birthday will indeed be a moment to celebrate. 


If you want to start reaping the benefits of a complete, balanced diet, Boost Optimum is available online from LazadaShopeeGuardian and NTUC Fairprice!