In patients with dysphagia or difficulty swallowing liquids, liquid intake recommendations is the same those without dysphagia. Thus it should noted that the texture or viscosity of any drink must be modified before consumption- either with the help of a thickener or ready-to-drink texture modified beverages. 

It is recommended to drink liquids with a modified texture regularly throughout the day, taking into account the daily water needs of each person. Do pay special attention to liquid intake on certain occasions such as hot summer days, and where there is increased hydration needs due to intense physical exercise, fever, urinary incontinence, vomiting etc.

The elderly often have diminished thirst sensation due to physiological changes that comes with age. Hence it is important that we do not rely solely on our thirst sensation to remind us to drink enough water. 


Besides drinking water, water obtained through consuming food also contributes to total fluid intake. A good intake of fruits and vegetables as well as milk will help to complete the necessary daily water intake.

On top of our usual water needs, certain instances requires higher fluid intake, such as people with fever or digestive problems or problems related to accelerated breathing.

  • Fever: Additional 300 ml of fluids for each degree above body temperature of 37ºC.
  • Digestive Problems (vomiting or diarrhea): Additional 600 ml of fluids daily. 
  • Problems related to accelerated breathing due to illness: Additional 600 ml of fluids daily

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